University & School Transportation

University and school transportation management poses a complex set of challenges that demand flexible solutions

Universities, colleges, and schools present a distinct and complicated set of transportation demand management (TDM) challenges. Safety and accessibility are among the major focuses of university and school TDM initiatives, but finding dynamic solutions without the right tools is not an easy undertaking. The larger a school is, the more difficult transportation management becomes.

School communities can be broadly divided into two groups: students, and faculty/staff. Students often have differing schedules, especially at the postsecondary level. This makes inflexible, one-size-fits-all approaches to TDM impractical and ineffective. Faculty and staff members tend to work more standardized hours, but limitations on available parking spaces can lead to logistical headaches.

With students coming and going at differing hours, peak traffic levels can be difficult to predict, and they often change from one semester to another. At the same time, creating an equitable distribution system for parking passes can be very problematic. Both students and faculty/staff need access to a broad range of flexible transportation options that cut down on the amount of vehicular traffic on campus while reducing demand for limited parking. This is where TDM software like RideAmigos can be a big help.

RideAmigos offers comprehensive university and school transportation demand management tools

From the perspective of the end user, the RideAmigos platform is an extremely valuable tool for planning commutes to and from campus. The platform’s multi-mode trip planner gives users instant access to a wealth of options and information, enabling them to plan and save journeys using a combination of public transit, walking, cycling, ridesharing and carpooling, vanpooling, and more. Faculty, staff, and students all benefit. On-campus traffic is reduced, demand for parking diminishes, and school facilities remain completely accessible.

Network managers and administrators can also create highly effective TDM campaigns that meet the distinct needs of each sub-group. The RideAmigos platform has advanced network creation and management tools. These tools allow administrators to create specific subnetworks that can be arranged by user group, department, campus, or any other criteria that makes sense for your school community. Unique programs, challenges, and publicity campaigns can be distributed on a network-by-network basis, allowing administrators to reach targeted groups of users while having immediate access to a comprehensive suite of data collection, reporting, and analysis tools.

RideAmigos has already helped a long and growing list of school communities address their commuter transportation needs. To learn more about how RideAmigos can benefit your campus, please contact us today.