Rideshare Month Tools

Using the right Rideshare Month tools are essential to successful commuter challenge programs.

A growing number of businesses and organizations are embracing Rideshare Month initiatives. Rideshare Month is similar in concept to the more well-known National Bike Month, which is typically held during the late spring or early summer and encourages commuters to try cycling to work instead of solo driving.

Rideshare Month is typically observed during the fall or winter, complementing the momentum generated by National Bike Month earlier in the year. Many existing Rideshare Month programs happen in October in the US and in February in Canada. All such programs revolve around the goal of helping commuters engage with smart alternatives to solo driving. Some groups choose to hold shorter Rideshare Week programs instead, but in either case the objectives are the same.

Commuter management professionals can draw on a wide range of tools during Rideshare Month to raise awareness and get people excited about taking part. Having access to advanced program management tools are key to the success of any Rideshare Month program, since without them you’ll be forced to manually manage the complex promotional and administrative tasks that come with participation.

RideAmigos delivers a comprehensive suite of Rideshare Month tools that will propel your programs to greater impact

RideAmigos’ dynamic, state-of-the-art transportation demand management platform delivers a complete suite of tools tools that make creating, promoting, and managing your Rideshare Month initiatives easy. Here’s an overview of how these tools can help make your next Rideshare Month a success:

  • Survey tools. Information is power, and collecting details about commuter habits, needs, and preferences before you launch your Rideshare Month program will help you create targeted initiatives that generate higher levels of success. Post-event surveys are also very helpful, as they inform your analysis of the program’s impact.
  • Ridematching software. Rideshare matching makes it quick and easy for participants to connect with one another, match schedules, share rides, and split costs. Incredibly important making ridesharing less daunting for first-timers!
  • Commuter challenge management platform. Gamification is a popular way to increase engagement and reward those who put in the greatest effort. Our software integrates a wide range of challenge options that make it easy to target program goals, create teams, track standings, and distribute rewards.
  • Commuter incentive tools. Adding individual prizes and incentives alongside competition-oriented challenges provides an extra boost that help encourage longer-term behavior change.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics. Evaluate the success of your program, identify areas for future improvement, and gain valuable insights into commuter behaviors using our software’s complete suite of reporting and analytics features.

Set yourself up for greater success for Rideshare Month or Rideshare Week – get access to these and other fantastic tools in RideAmigos’ convenient, easy-to-use integrated commuter transportation hub. Get started today!