Smart Commute Challenges & Events

Smart commute challenge programs increase commuter engagement with alternatives to driving.

Commuters are often aware of the benefits of using alternatives to solo driving, and many of them even express a desire to give other transportation modes a try. Despite this, a lot of commuters are hesitant to actually take that step. Smart commute challenge programs are a great way to kick-start engagement with alternative transportation options and can lead to long-term behavior change.

Businesses and employees both have a lot to gain by embracing smart commute modes. On the business side, commuter challenge programs can reduce parking demand and the costs that come with it. They also contribute to an enhanced sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and morale, all of which are great for companies.

For commuters, challenge programs provide an excellent opportunity to forge new social and professional relationships with peers. They can also help employees save money on their travel costs, which often proves to be a powerful motivator for continuing to use alternatives even after the challenge program ends.

Get started with these popular ideas for smart commute challenge programs.

There are multiple opportunities for businesses to launch smart commute challenge programs built right into the calendar. May is National Bike Month, and it’s the perfect time to launch a cycling-based commuter challenge. By the same token, October is National Rideshare Month, and the arrival of cooler weather is ideal for getting people to engage with smarter ways of using private vehicles or transit options to commute.

Other popular ideas and strategies include:

  • Dividing departments and/or regional offices into teams and launching a company-wide smart commute challenge
  • Launching a bike-to-lunch event that encourages commuters to take a midday cycling break that boosts creativity, supports a healthier workforce, and relieves stress
  • Creating a multi-mode challenge built around getting individuals or teams to log trips using as many alternative modes of transportation as they can
  • Trying an employees-only “smart commute picnic,” or similar event in which everyone gets to the event using an alternative mode of transportation

While the thrill of competition may be enough for some, you’ll enjoy even higher rates of participation if you offer perks and prizes to leaders and winners. For one-off commuter events like a smart commute picnic, prize winners can be drawn at random from the pool of participants. Ongoing programs can include points programs or other incentives, too. The bigger and better the prizes, the more excited people will be.

The RideAmigos software platform delivers a comprehensive set of powerful, easy-to-use tools for creating, promoting, and managing smart commute challenge programs. Get started today and increase employee engagement with your organization’s commuter initiatives.