Transportation Demand Management Software

Transportation demand management software helps organizations move from concept to implementation

Government organizations, along with a growing list of other public and private agencies, are increasingly invested in reducing the problems caused by traffic congestion. Urban pollution has reached unsustainable levels. Road infrastructure is buckling under the pressures caused by increased demand, creating serious financial and budgeting issues. Transportation demand management seems to offer many answers, but how can organizations move beyond theory and put TDM into practice?

The answer is transportation demand management software.

TDM software delivers powerful, practical ways to implement the key concepts of theoretical transportation demand management models. These models typically attempt to accomplish two primary goals:

  1. Increase the visibility and accessibility of efficient alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles.
  2. Offer incentives to people who use these smart alternatives.

In the first case, TDM software puts a wealth of transportation alternatives at the fingertips of end users, empowering them to reduce their reliance on single-occupancy vehicles. Beyond the usual suspects, like public transit, walking, and biking, TDM software can also support carpool and rideshare programs, vanpools and privately operated shuttles, bikepools, schoolpools, and more.

Incentivizing the use of alternative transportation is another core TDM strategy. Common applications include subsidized transit passes, travel reimbursements, and reward programs for people who leave their cars at home. Transportation demand management software helps administrators create and oversee community-based challenge and incentive programs, distribute rewards, and track progress and participation rates.

The powerful data management tools that can be incorporated into TDM software platforms enable program directors and administrators to make more objective, evidence-based decisions that help maximize resources. Community features also help end users connect with one another, fostering a strengthened sense of togetherness.

Discover the power of RideAmigos’ industry-leading transportation demand management software

RideAmigos transportation demand management software platform has been hailed as the most complete product of its kind in the world. Core capabilities include trip planners, interactive dashboards, survey distribution, and comprehensive reporting and data analysis tools. These features can be deployed in an endless number of ways, helping public and private agencies plan, strategize, refine, and perfect programs designed to get people out of single-occupancy vehicles and into better, smarter alternatives.

At RideAmigos, our goal is to empower not only commuters, but also to help inspire top-level changes that make a real impact on the urban transportation landscape. To learn more about how our powerful software can turbo-charge your TDM efforts, get started with RideAmigos today!