Commuter Management Platform

Implement a commuter management platform to help build a happier, more productive workforce

Businesses are becoming acutely aware of the negative effects of single-occupancy vehicle commuting. Congested roads damage more than just the environment; they contribute to increased stress and decreased employee productivity.

Employees who routinely make long, arduous daily commutes in their personal vehicles are also more likely to experience job dissatisfaction. This can, in turn, fuel increased employee turnover rates, which can really eat into a company’s bottom line.

Commuter management platforms offer a dynamic, technology-driven solution to enterprises that are looking to help employees find better ways of getting to and from work. Simply put, these platforms provide businesses with the technological tools they need to create, promote, and manage programs designed to get commuters out of single-occupancy vehicles and into smarter alternatives. The end result is a happier, less stressed, and more productive group of employees.

Commuter management platforms generate both immediate and long-term benefits

Commuter management platforms like RideAmigos guide commuters to the many different available transportation alternatives. They can be used to connect employees who live in close proximity to one another, enabling coworkers to share driving duties as part of a corporate carpool. Beyond reducing wear and tear on individually owned vehicles and helping carpoolers reduce their driving expenses, rideshare programs are a great way to support team-building and community development initiatives.

A growing number of companies are also embracing vanpools, which are essentially privately operated shuttle services that link places of employment with local transit hubs. With the right tools, it’s easy to create and manage vanpools, all while promoting the service to employees and increasing participation rates.

Public transit is also supported. End users can instantly access multimodal route planners and log their trips so they can easily be retrieved and repeated. Reporting and data analysis tools make it a breeze for administrators to keep track of perks like transit pass reimbursements and transit token distribution. You can even use commuter management platforms to build a bikepool group, allowing employees to ride to work together.

These features combine to create an outstanding value proposition for businesses. Key advantages include:

  • Happier, more satisfied employees
  • Reduced stress and increased productivity
  • Reduced demand for parking
  • Enhanced sense of community and collegiality
  • Lower employee turnover rates and increased job satisfaction levels
  • Decreased environmental impact and increased sustainability
  • Support for branding and business identity initiatives

To learn more about how the RideAmigos commuter management platform can benefit your business, get started with RideAmigos today!