University Rideshare Solutions

University Rideshare Solutions

University rideshare solutions help educational institutions reduce campus traffic congestion

Campuses have a limited ability to accommodate vehicular traffic. Competition for parking permits can be intense and difficult to manage. One of the most effective ways to alleviate the problems associated with campus traffic is to introduce university rideshare solutions that are accessible to all members of the educational community.

Beyond reducing the number of vehicles traveling to and around campus, university rideshare solutions also help improve pedestrian safety. Rideshare programs reinforce forward-thinking institutional values while enabling commuters to develop smarter and more positive personal transportation habits. Students also benefit through transportation cost savings, something that tends to be very important to financially challenged young people shouldering the expenses of higher education.

RideAmigos makes it easy to create rideshare programs that meet the varied scheduling needs of staff, students, and faculty

One of the biggest challenges facing university administrations who want to implement smart campus transportation programs is addressing the differing schedules of community members. Student schedules usually vary significantly from day to day and semester to semester, making it difficult for those who would like to participate to find suitable rideshare partners.

The rideshare software module of the RideAmigos commuter management platform solves this issue by using an advanced algorithm to find rideshare matches based on not only location but also day and time. This makes it much easier for individuals to locate a rideshare that works with their specific schedules.

To address the needs of faculty and staff, administrators can also create staff-only and faculty-only rideshare networks in addition to building student-specific programs. These networks can be organized and customized in a wide range of ways, including the creation and management of programs for specific educational and operational departments.

Universities with multiple campuses can also build networks that serve the school’s individual branches. Our platform has already been adopted by a large and growing number of educational institutions throughout the United States and around the world, to great effect. University rideshare solutions hold great potential for enacting wide-scale change, as thousands of students, staff, and faculty members all share the ability to access and use them.

To help familiarize you with the many unique and powerful features our software platform offers, we’ve put together a comprehensive video demonstration that explains, in detail, how it works and how it can benefit your organization.

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Photo Credit: Toby Hudson