Commuter Management Apps

Invest in commuter management apps and help build a happier, healthier workforce

Commuter management apps help enterprises and organizations maximize the proven benefits of their transportation programs. Getting as many people on board as possible is the key to realizing the full potential of your commuter initiatives, and apps are a crucial tool for achieving that objective.

Beyond simplifying and streamlining administrative tasks, commuter management apps are excellent communication platforms. They make it quick and easy for administrators to create, promote, and manage programs, and for participants and end users to find and contact one another. This connectivity is key to building carpool, bikepool, rideshare, and multimodal transit programs that get results.

Industry-leading commuter management apps deliver powerful core capabilities and near-endless customization options.

The groundbreaking RideAmigos platform delivers a groundbreaking suite of commuter management apps. Highlights include:

  • Multimodal trip planners. End users can access a complete range of local transportation options and route planners. Trip logging features make it easy to save details for future reference, encouraging commuters to make better use of alternatives.
  • Rideshare matching features. Building a rideshare or carpool program? Use commuter management apps to match users who live in the same area and/or share similar work schedules, then put them in touch with each other.
  • Gamification and incentives. One of the best ways to raise participation rates is to get people excited through friendly competitions and incentive programs. Commuter management apps make it a breeze to track results, and manage and distribute incentives to winning participants.
  • Network creation, management, and reporting tools. Administrators can use apps to create and manage an unlimited number of networks for regions, departments, branch offices, districts, social groups, classes, challenge leagues, and more.
  • Data analysis and survey distribution features. Policy decisions should be informed by facts, not anecdotal evidence. Commuter management apps help administrators distribute surveys and generate custom reports to help gain deep, useful insights into user behaviors.

These core capabilities are made even more effective by a complete range of localization and customization tools. Create custom user dashboards, enhance the power of trip planning features, tap deep into local transit network resources, and put your commuter management program in overdrive.

To learn more about our next-generation commuter management app, please contact us at RideAmigos or sign up to view our free, comprehensive video demo.