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Rideshare Solutions for Enterprises

Rideshare solutions help enterprises of all sizes create smart commuting programs 

Employer-sponsored rideshare programs have emerged as a favored way for enterprises to promote and encourage the use of smart commuting alternatives. In essence, these programs serve as company-wide carpools for employees. They are typically designed to allow employees who live in the same geographic area to take turns driving to work from an easily accessible local pickup point or transit station.

Public and private sector partners alike share a common stake in using the principles of transportation demand management to help ease traffic congestion and reduce the environmental impact of urban commuting. Businesses in all industries benefit from projecting a greener and more ecologically responsible public image. Therefore, launching an rideshare program at your enterprise can play a leading role in bringing about a meaningful change in company culture.

Employees also benefit in many ways. Rideshare solutions for enterprises help participants reduce wear and tear on their individually owned vehicles, while building meaningful social and professional connections and reducing the stress of commuting. All this leads to happier, less stressed, and more productive employees – something every company wants!

Supplementing rideshare solutions with incentive programs and gamification helps improve participation rates

Rideshare solutions work best when used as part of a broader company-wide smart commuting strategy. For example, rideshare initiatives can be included in incentive and gamification programs that boost participation rates. Smart commuting challenges, friendly competitions, and incentive programs that offer perks and rewards for using alternative transportation can unite workforces and get more people to try out different ways of getting to work.

These strategies help enterprises overcome one of the key barriers to getting employees to adopt new commuting methods: inertia. Many people are so used to commuting in single-occupancy vehicles that they are reluctant to switch to something new. Others worry that adopting alternative transportation will be costly or inefficient, when the reality is that they aren’t. As that’s a truth that is best learned through direct experience, the all-important first step is to provide a compelling impetus to give smart commuting a chance.

RideAmigos helps businesses get there. Our revolutionary software platform offers full enterprise-level commuter transportation management support, helping companies build programs quickly and easily, all while easily managing challenges, incentives, and gamification programs.

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