Ridematching Software

Advanced ridematching software eliminates the problems and inconveniences of carpooling programs

Soaring fuel costs and increased awareness of the environmental toll of solo driving have combined to create a dramatic resurgence of interest in carpooling. It also helps commuters reduce wear and tear on their vehicles, forge new social and professional connections, and enjoy the proven stress-busting benefits of sharing rides with others.

Even though people are carpooling more than they have in decades, there’s still a gap to bridge: research shows that while many commuters support the idea of carpooling in theory, they aren’t adopting it to the same degree in practice. This is because traditional approaches to ridesharing also have their drawbacks:

Carpools and matches are often tracked in onerous and inefficient spreadsheets, making ridesharing programs a headache for administrators.

If a driver unexpectedly can’t make it or has to work late, passengers can end up stranded.

Carpool participants have to be connected via an administrator then reach out manually and set driving schedules.

Flexible work schedules preferred by modern workers are practically incompatible with traditional ridematching solutions that require extensive administrator intervention.

There must be a better way…

And there is: RideAmigos ridematching software.

RideAmigos ridematching software puts more control in the hands of commuters and delivers powerful analytics and reporting tools to administrators

On the commuter side, RideAmigos makes it a breeze to locate rideshare matches. Drivers and passengers alike can conduct simple but powerful searches, locate matches, and communicate instantly. Need a ride at the last minute? Dealing with an unexpected scheduling change? No problem. RideAmigos will help you locate an alternate carpool in minutes. Users can search all locally available options to find the best available match. RideAmigos helps make carpooling every bit as easy and convenient as solo driving, which in turn encourages more people to give it a try.

Administrators also enjoy greater control and vastly improved ease of management, as well as powerful analytics and reporting tools. Accurate statistical and data-driven insights are the keys to creating robust ridesharing programs with high participation rates.

The RideAmigos platform has already been adopted by hundreds of businesses, organizations, government agencies and educational institutions, and its powerful ridematching software tools are a big reason why.

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