Customers and Case Studies

Examples of projects, clients and case studies using the RideAmigos platform

RideAmigos works with wide variety of notable customers, addressing the goals and needs of many diverse organizations. While Google’s massive headquarters brings all of it’s employee transportation programs under one roof,  MIT uses RideAmigos to reduce the demand for parking. MIT tracks million of trips month over month, and rewards users who reduce congestion around campus as well as those who use greener modes of transport. Cities like San Mateo and Denver and transit agencies such as Metrolinx (Toronto, Canada) use RideAmigos to help manage congestion, reduce peak demand, lower the single-occupancy vehicle rate, and use commute data to better understand how people move, which assists their long-term municipal planning decisions.

RideAmigos serves the needs of tens of thousands of commuter networks. We look forward to giving your organization or city the power to create change.

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