Corporate Ridesharing

RideAmigos is shaping the future of corporate ridesharing.

The corporate ridesharing revolution is making major inroads all over the world, and it’s changing the way businesses and commuters think about transportation. A growing number of companies are making ridesharing an official part of their commuting policies, which has created an increased need for the kind of transportation demand management tools delivered by the RideAmigos platform.

Corporate-sponsored ridesharing programs can take many forms, but those that intelligently match employees with one another tend to have the best results when it comes to team-building and collegiality. RideAmigos offers an enterprise rideshare platform tailor-made for corporate ridesharing programs, with software features like:

  • Advanced rideshare matching algorithms that connect users and locate convenient infrastructure options such as park-and-ride hubs
  • Smart commute planning features that make it easy to find the fastest, most efficient opportunities to pick up carpool partners on the way to and from work
  • Tracking features that are ideal for gamification applications, incentive programs, and other types of benefits
  • Instant communication tools that make it a breeze for drivers and passengers to keep in touch

RideAmigos was designed with the needs of businesses of all sizes in mind, and we’re regularly adding new features to make your corporate ridesharing experience more convenient, more accessible, and more effective.

Corporate ridesharing programs deliver a long list of benefits to both commuters and businesses.

One of the key reasons corporate ridesharing is catching on with such fervor is that it delivers impressive benefits to both commuters and businesses. Commuters enjoy:

  • Reduced stress, thanks to easier morning and evening commutes
  • Stronger bonds and networking opportunities with colleagues and coworkers
  • Cost savings through reductions in fuel costs and personal vehicle usage

Businesses that implement corporate ridesharing programs benefit through:

  • Greater appeal when competing for top talent
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Improved employee productivity and well-being
  • Reduced facilities and parking costs
  • Projecting positive values, both internally and in the larger community

Corporate ridesharing programs also increase resilience and attendance at work, as they help commuters emerge from dependence on their personal vehicles. Businesses can reduce the number of days missed due to issues like inclement weather, transit strikes, and mechanical failures, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity.

If your organization is ready to take the next steps toward implementing a corporate rideshare program, get started with RideAmigos today.