Ridesharing Management Tools and Apps

Advanced ridesharing management tools give you the power to make a positive impact.

The early years of the 21st century have seen an increasing interest in carpooling, and ridesharing management technology makes it easier than ever to connect and manage people who want to share rides. Cloud-based management software gives commuters the tools to carpool with coworkers and neighbors who want to save money and reduce congestion.

Modern ride-sharing takes many forms, but they all share the same set of objectives:

  • Ridesharing reduces pollution caused by greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Commuters who share rides can save big on their monthly transportation costs.
  • Carpooling helps participants forge and develop new personal and professional connections.
  • People who take part in ridematching programs report lower levels of commute-related stress than solo drivers.
  • Carpooling helps reduce commute times by giving access to specialized infrastructure like high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes are taking notice of the benefits of promoting carpooling, and ridesharing software adoption rates are rising fast across the country. In addition to the community and commuter benefit, businesses and organizations win big when commuters carpool in larger numbers:

  • Increasing carpooling can reduce parking demand, saving businesses money on parking costs.
  • Ridesharing has been statistically shown to increase employee productivity and job satisfaction rates.
  • A strong culture of social responsibility helps businesses attract and retain higher-quality employees.
  • Integrating ridesharing into company culture helps reinforce a brand image of environmental care.

Ride sharing management tools and programs like RideAmigos make it easy for employers and organizations to drive higher participation rates, deliver end-to-end solutions, and make a positive impact.  on the environment and the local community.

Discover RideAmigos: cutting-edge ride sharing management solutions

The RideAmigos suite of transportation demand management tools delivers a wide range of advanced rideshare and carpooling features that benefit both commuters and administrators, including:

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