Government Transportation Demand Management

Government Transportation Demand Management

Transportation demand management has emerged as a crucial area of focus for local and regional governments across the country and around the world.

From the earliest beginnings of the transportation demand management (TDM) movement, government agencies have been front and center. Government decisions impact thousands of people belonging to both current and future generations. Therefore, the importance of making the right choices cannot be overstated. Government TDM solutions like the RideAmigos software platform provide decision-makers with an enhanced range of powerful tools. This can make a world of difference when it comes to the smart management of urban growth and changing transportation needs.

The era of the single-occupancy vehicle finally appears to be waning, and municipalities across the United States and around the world are looking to the future. They’re finding out that what’s set to change isn’t so much the ways people get around. Rather, what will change are the ways people access those transportation options. Modes like rapid light rail transit, subways, buses, walking, cycling, ridesharing, and carpooling are all here to stay. Giving people new ways to locate and manage such choices is what’s going to build a better future.

Government agencies are also tasked with finding ways to manage the differing and sometimes-conflicting needs of the private sector and the public. The keys to success are communication and policy decisions that are guided by hard data and analytics, rather than special interests and anecdotal evidence. This is where the RideAmigos commuter management platform can make a major difference.

Discover a new generation of powerful TDM solutions for government agencies.

The RideAmigos platform provides parent organizations with effective and easy-to-use technology-driven solutions that support the creation and management of TDM networks and subnetworks. This provides government transportation demand management authorities with superior levels of control and autonomy when creating, contextualizing, and managing municipal transportation programs. It also puts powerful management solutions in their hands, enabling them to identify, anticipate, and solve challenges and problems through advanced analytics and data collection initiatives.

RideAmigos has already helped dozens of government agencies make more efficient and cost-effective forays into the dynamic 21st-century transportation demand management landscape. To learn more about how the RideAmigos platform supports government organizations and policy makers, please contact us or register to view our comprehensive video demonstration.

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