Transportation Demand Management Solutions

Expanding greener and more efficient modes of transportation to a larger user base.

Government agencies have the unenviable task of trying to make everybody happy on limited budgets. They’re also faced with the responsibility of developing and incentivizing the infrastructure needed to keep cities moving in an age of burgeoning urban populations, increasing traffic congestion and unsustainable levels of pollution and resource consumption.

Governments around the country and around the world are trying their best to encourage commuters and city dwellers to seek out alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles.

More sustainable transportation solutions are emerging: ridesharing, vanpools, mass transit, walking, biking … the list goes on.

The challenge we’re facing now is to make these alternatives more accessible to a broader base of users.

That’s where RideAmigos can help.

Governments and Municipalities

We’ve helped government agencies around the world implement and improve their transportation management systems, commuter programs and much more.

A growing number of government agencies are turning to us for answers, and we’ve developed a powerful software platform designed to reshape the urban transportation landscape. Our innovative technologies help everyday citizens connect with a broad information base that makes it easier than ever to leave their cars behind.

Data Analysis Map

RideAmigos offers the transportation demand management industry’s most complete suite of program management and analysis tools.

Our software helps governments make smarter and more informed decisions about the ways they encourage people to get around.

Our public-sector projects have helped government organizations develop and launch effective, easy-to-use trip planning, ride matching and commuter incentive systems. Some of the specific initiatives we’ve spearheaded include:

· A web-based transportation demand management (TDM) system for the San Diego Association of Governments in California
· A complete overhaul of the inefficient existing TDM platform used by the Denver Regional Council of Governments in Colorado
· A major air-quality improvement and pollution reduction initiative led by the Utah Department of Transportation
· Carpool matching, commuter incentive systems and employer commuting portals for the Santa Barbara Association of Governments in California
· Trip-matching and complex cross-boundary reporting programs for Metrolinx in Toronto, Canada
· The creation of an online mobility hub for the township of Ladera Ranch, California
· The design and implementation of a full-scale mobility platform for the Iskandar region of Malaysia
· Geospacial and temporal-based travel matching platforms for travelers in Barcelona, Spain

We’ve also helped create transportation management associations (TMAs) in cities up and down the U.S. west coast, from California to Washington. Whether you’re looking to make major upgrades to existing commuter infrastructure or just need to fine-tune the efficiency and accessibility of programs you’ve already got in place, our team is here to help. To learn more,  request a live demo video or get a quote.