Enterprise Commuter Programs

Commuter Programs for Enterprises

Explore creative ideas for enterprise commuter programs that will generate high participation rates

Businesses have a lot of options when it comes to creating enterprise-level commuter programs. Given the highly varied sizes and operational natures of companies that want to encourage new ways of commuting, some are more readily applicable than others. With that in mind, here’s an overview of the main types of programs that have proven to be popular and effective with companies of all sizes, and in all industries:

  • Rideshare programs. Create carpool networks that match employees commuting in from the same neighborhood or geographic region.
  • Challenges and gamification. Stimulate increased participation levels by introducing friendly challenges and gamification techniques that reward employees for using alternatives to single-passenger vehicles.
  • Incentive programs. Rewards for achieving a specific level of smart transportation usage can take many forms, from gift cards and event tickets to paid nights out at local restaurants or even cash. These make great motivational tools!
  • Transit pass subsidies. By shouldering part or all of the cost of a monthly local transit pass, employers give team members further incentive to leave their cars at home and hop on the bus, train, or subway.
  • The “guaranteed ride home.” Some people balk at biking because they worry about being stranded if bad weather hits unexpectedly. Offering a “guaranteed ride home” is an effective answer.
  • Tax benefit programs. Recent increases in transport-related monthly pre-tax spending allowances make alternative commuting a smarter option for both employees and enterprises.

Team members and businesses alike benefit in big ways from commuter programs

Commuter programs for enterprises and employee rideshare solutions create a long list of added benefits for participants. Biking to work is a great way to get exercise, enjoy fresh outdoor air, and improve health. Commuter transportation programs also reduce the stress involved with the daily commute to and from work, which in turn leads to increased productivity and higher overall job (and life) satisfaction. Employers thus benefit from improved employee retention rates, as well as the ability to attract better-quality talent from the job market.

The RideAmigos software platform makes it easy to create and manage commuter programs for your enterprise, connecting participants using the power of modern technology. If you’d like to explore ways to help change your company’s commuter patterns in more detail, please contact us or sign up for a free, comprehensive video demonstration.