Enterprise Commute Trip Reduction CTR

CTR programs give commuters more choices, all while having a positive effect on employees.

Enterprise commute trip reduction (CTR) is gaining momentum as a key area of focus for businesses that want to encourage employees to make better use of transportation alternatives. Commute trip reduction programs provide commuters with helpful resources and powerful incentives for choosing transportation modes other than solo driving more often. Their objective is to shift commuter behavior by guiding employees toward new habits and a long-term commitment to smart mobility.

To achieve this, CTR strategies seek to create strong in-house commuter programs such as rideshare matching, subsidized transit passes, emergency ride home programs, parking cash-out options, and incentive-driven initiatives like “commuter stores” and points programs. Businesses and organizations are getting creative with their commuter incentives, allowing employees to accrue points that can be redeemed in commuter stores for reward cards, merchandise and other perks. Others are offering team members paid time off for hitting specified smart commuting targets, providing another excellent form of motivation.

Supplementary enterprise commute trip reduction initiatives include providing on-site infrastructure for active commuters, like secure bike lock-up areas, lockers, and showers. Flexible working conditions, including telework options, also help businesses achieve their CTR goals by reducing the overall number of commutes employees make.

A growing body of research indicates that CTR programs have many positive effects on employees, helping businesses build happier, healthier companies. Solo-driving alternatives like ridesharing and public transit are proven to reduce stress, and active modes of commuting like walking and cycling have a long list of health benefits. Commute trip reduction also benefits your business by reducing parking needs, and  shows that you’re committed to reducing traffic congestion and vehicle-related pollution in your community as cities around the world move toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

RideAmigos is here to be your partner in implementing and managing high-impact enterprise commute trip reduction programs.

Thousands of businesses in the United States and around the world are voluntarily implementing CTR programs as a way to make a positive impact. In other cases, regional ordinances like the CTR laws in Washington state require companies to offer CTR programs to their employees. Whatever your reasons for implementing a new employee commute trip reduction program, RideAmigos is here to support you.

Our industry-leading smart mobility platform and programs provide a comprehensive suite of commute trip reduction software tools to support CTR strategies and initiatives. In addition to programs like mobility aggregation, ridesharing, and commuter stores, RideAmigos also delivers a wide range of intuitive, easy-to-use report generation, visualization, and data analysis tools to help you track the progress of your efforts and improve their impact and efficacy.

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