Employee Ridematching

Employee ridematching makes it easy for colleagues to connect for smarter commuting options

The benefits of carpooling are well-documented. From an environmental perspective, it helps relieve traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut back on fuel consumption. Commuters also benefit in big ways: ridesharing reduces wear and tear on vehicles, helping car owners save on maintenance costs. It’s also a great way to connect with colleagues and other community members.

Ridesharing is also a smart way to cut down on your commute time. Vehicles used in carpools are eligible to travel in reserved high-occupancy vehicle lanes, which are often able to bypass the congestion that occurs at peak commute times.

Employee ridematching tools offer a powerful solution to commuters who want to forge convenient connections with other carpoolers. In larger companies, it’s common for people who have worked for years to have no idea that they are also neighbors who could share rides to and from work. Ridematching software puts enhanced connectivity in the hands of commuters, giving them easy access to smarter commuting options.

Employee ridematching tools help build a happier and more productive workforce

With the RideAmigos software platform, commuters gain instant access to powerful search and rideshare matching tools. The interface allows users to specify the time they’re looking to travel to and from work, specify whether they want to be a driver or passenger during a particular trip, and use advanced search criteria to find the perfect rideshare match.

Once users choose a match, they can instantly share contact information and connect. No more waiting to be matched manually. No more uncertainty. Automated employee ridematching makes carpooling convenient, efficient, and fun.

Employers also benefit by offering carpooling and ridesharing programs to their staff members. This helps send a positive message about the company’s values – an increasingly important factor for job-seekers. Research also shows that ridesharing reduces stress, improves workplace productivity, and boosts employee morale in a big way.

Dozens of businesses and organizations in both the public and private sector have already discovered the benefits of using the RideAmigos commuter management platform. Administrators of employee commuter programs also enjoy access to advanced analytics and reporting tools, making it easier than ever to track the results of your initiatives and improve participation rates.

Get started today with commuter tips from the experts at RideAmigos, a free analysis of your existing commuter programs, or a comprehensive demo of our industry-leading software platform.