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Reduce traffic from single-occupancy vehicles,
save money on employee parking costs, and
increase wellness with RideAmigos.

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Top employers, government agencies, and academic institutions around the world save money and commute smarter with RideAmigos.

Reduce the number of cars on the road with ease.

Slash parking costs for your agency or organization.

Create a happier, healthier, safer, and smarter commute force.

RideAmigos Impact

Alternative Trips

13.5 Million
Alternative Trips

Alternative Miles

 245 Million
Alternative Miles

CO2 Reduced

Tons of CO2

93 Million

Calories Burned

3.7 Billion

Reduce Traffic Congestion With Automation

Reduce Commuter Traffic Congestion

Traffic can be a nightmare. We’ve all been there.

Smart transportation demand management is a crucial part of reducing the impact of traffic congestion.

RideAmigos software empowers commuters to make smarter choices with automated trip-tracking, rideshare matching, competitions, and incentives, and generates the reports you need to prove impact.

With a direct focus on automation, RideAmigos lets you spend time, energy, and money on what’s important.

Creating a better city is in your hands.

Save Money By Reducing Parking Demand

Save Money on Employee Parking

Parking spaces can cost up to $50,000 a year.

Renting or building parking for commuters is expensive, no matter which way you slice it.

RideAmigos has the tools you need to easily reduce these overhead costs, allowing you to focus on your business, not on paying for more parking spots.

We make it easy to reduce parking demand with programs like in-network carpooling, pre-tax commuter benefits and parking cash-outs to motivate commuters to leave their cars at home. By integrating with your existing business systems, you can effortlessly give back to employees for being part of the solution.

Create a win-win at your organization.

Increase Commuter Wellness Through Smarter Choices

Increase Commuter Wellness

Day in and day out, the stress of commuting reduces employee wellness, morale, and productivity.

Active and shared modes of commuting are proven to increase health, community and happiness. Increase commuter wellness and you’ll increase productivity, too.

Motivating commuters to make smart, healthy transportation choices using is simple using RideAmigos. Flexible commuter challenges and points programs make recognizing and rewarding healthy behavior fun and effective.

Happier commute = happier employees = happier planet.

Improve Your Bottom Line With The Most Comprehensive Commuter Management Platform Available

Multi-Modal Trip Planner

Intelligent Rideshare Matching

Automatic Commute Trip Logging

Incentives, Competitions, & Campaigns

Transportation Surveys

Event Travel & Ridesharing

Bikepool Platform

Biking & Bikepooling

Unlimited Networks & Subnetworks

Comprehensive Reporting