Smart Commuter Engagement
for a changing workplace and world.

Rethink commuting for unmatched employee experience
and a smarter, more sustainable workplace.

Smart commuter engagement for a changing world.

Rethink commuting for unmatched employee experience and a smarter, more sustainable workplace.

Transforming commuting with

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Connect your commuters, provide transportation options, and reward sustainable choices.

Commuter Transit Options

Empower Employees with Options and Incentives

See the impact when you connect commuters to easy-to-plan alternative trips and make it simple for them to track and earn rewards.

Combine trusted ridesharing and ridematching networks with a variety of other modes like transit and biking into a single trip planner.

Manage and track usage for private and third-party vanpools and carpool networks.

Give employees, students and even the public the power to automatically track trips using a simple-to-use mobile app.

Get more for every dollar spent on commuter benefits with smart targeting, gamification, and effective programs.

Reduce Congestion and Parking Demand

Motivate more commuters to leave their cars at home and save on parking-related costs.

Commuter Parking Management

Manage programs like in-network carpooling, pre-tax commuter benefits and parking cash-outs.

Integrate with your existing business systems to automate and track rewards to employees when they choose ridesharing or other alternatives to driving alone.

Successful programs can save organizations millions on renting or building onsite parking.

Bike Commuter with Dog

Recruit and Retain a Happier, Healthier Workforce

Active and shared modes of commuting are proven to boost health, community and morale.

When you support commuter wellness with RideAmigos programs, you’ll increase productivity AND reduce absenteeism.

Empower commuters to make smart, healthy transportation choices with simple commuter management programs.

Tracking alternative trips is virtually effortless with the RideAmigos mobile commute tracker and integrations with dozens of third-party movement tracker devices and apps.

Flexible commuter challenges and incentive programs make recognizing and rewarding healthy behavior fun and effective.

RideAmigos Users Are Making a Difference

SOV Commute Trips Reduced

33.7 Million
sustainable commutes

Smart Commuter Vehicle Miles Travelled

491 Million
vehicle miles avoided

Commuter CO2 Emissions Reduced

152,000 Tons
Of CO2 Reduced

Commuter Dollars Saved

193 Million
Dollars Saved

Commuter Calories Burned

5 Billion
Calories Burned