Event Carpool Platform

Use the RideAmigos event carpool platform to solve acute transportation challenges

Single-occupancy vehicles create major headaches for event organizers. Drivers compete for limited parking resources. Localized traffic congestion creates long wait times, both before and after the event. All the while, idling vehicles release pollutants, contributing to an unpleasant situation for passing pedestrians as well as long-term environmental damage. As successful events grow, providing adequate parking becomes more expensive.

Encouraging carpooling to events offers an effective solution to all these issues. Reduced demand for parking increases the amount of available space. Reductions in the number of vehicles coming and going at the event eases congestion and pollution. Drivers and passengers also benefit through significant cost savings. Carpools reduce per capita fuel consumption and can enable participants to share parking costs. Parking facilities tend to charge premiums during special events, so the savings can quickly add up.

The RideAmigos software platform includes comprehensive event carpool travel features that make it easy for travelers to take better advantage of group transportation options. You can use RideAmigos to create and manage carpools, allow passengers for a ride to easily connect with other event attendees in their area, and manage incentive programs to reward those who leave their single-occupancy vehicles behind.

A state-of-the-art event carpool platform that makes it easy to provide event attendees with smarter transportation options

We’ve designed our software to make event ridesharing easier and more accessible, both for end-users and administrators.

Administrators can use our event carpool platform to:

  • Create view, manage, and edit event profiles
  • Control privacy settings to toggle between public and private viewability
  • Hide or show private information to select users
  • Add unique descriptions to help potential users find carpools to specific events
  • Share events, via links or embeddable website widgets, for easy user accessibility

User functionality for event carpooling is supported by:

  • Advanced filters that ensure users only see carpools appropriate for each particular event
  • The ability to view regional events directly from the software’s navigation bar
  • Tools to make quick checks for carpool availability
  • Options to perform transportation searches directly from embedded website widgets

We’ve already helped dozens of event managers reduce traffic congestion and ease parking woes, all while providing attendees with easier access to smarter group travel options. If you’d like to learn more about our dynamic transportation demand management software and the myriad of solutions it delivers, contact us today!