Vanpools deliver valuable benefits for enterprises and commuters alike

A growing number of enterprises are reaping the rewards of offering vanpools.

Vanpool-based rideshare programs offer a long list of benefits to commuters, including major reductions in the costs associated with using single-occupancy vehicles to get to and from work. Vanpools help employees save on fuel and reduce wear and tear on their vehicles. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), commuters can save as much as $800 per month by using a vanpool rideshare program, to say nothing of the reduced stress that comes with letting someone else do the driving.

Vanpools benefit enterprises and businesses as well. Research shows that commuters who use shared transportation options to get to work are more productive and report higher levels of job satisfaction. Riding in a vanpool leaves employees free to concentrate on things beyond the road: they can catch up on email, look ahead to their day’s tasks and schedule, or just enjoy some extra down time that helps ease work-related stress. Many passengers also form social and professional relationships with their fellow riders, which adds further value.

Offering a vanpool program is also a great way for businesses to promote forward-thinking principles, which can help them attract and retain higher quality employees. Growing numbers of job seekers are looking beyond traditional compensation measures like salary and benefits, and considering what the company itself stands for.

According to a 2018 poll published by CNBC, 86% of people between the ages of 22 and 37 indicate they would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a more ethical business. By aligning your company’s values with the values of your employees, you’ll make yourself more appealing to the job market’s top emerging talent.

Furthermore, vanpools help reduce demand for parking, which can lead to dramatic cost savings on the business end of the equation regardless of whether your company owns or leases its parking facilities. Reducing demand for owned facilities helps ease maintenance costs, while fewer vehicles requiring space in leased facilities helps keep rental costs in check.

However, vanpools only work if commuters are easily able to connect with the services they offer. By using a comprehensive commuter management platform like RideAmigos to make routes, schedules, and usage details more accessible, businesses can launch successful vanpool programs for their enterprise that make a real difference.

Practical tips for adding vanpools to your corporate ridesharing program

When designing your enterprise vanpool solution, use these tips to create a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all participating passengers:

  • Select central, easily accessible meeting points and create a reliable, regular travel schedule
  • Make sure all vanpool participants have a roster listing names and contact information for other participants so everyone can be notified in case of problems, service interruptions, or route changes
  • Pair your vanpool service with an emergency ride home program to give participants practical options for dealing with the unexpected
  • Create rules and guidelines for passengers to follow, covering things like personal phone calls, eating policies, and perfume and cologne; some people are sensitive or allergic to fragrances
  • Make vanpool usage eligible for commuter incentive programs designed to promote alternatives to solo driving

Vanpools function best when organizers and administrators take a community-centered focus. You’ll increase ridership and the overall satisfaction of users, which will help cast the service in a positive light and increase overall participation rates.

The RideAmigos platform makes it easy to integrate employee vanpools into new and existing enterprise smart-commute programs

Some employers elect to create and manage their own vanpool services, while others find it more efficient and cost-effective to enter into a contract with a third-party provider. No matter which option you choose, the RideAmigos platform delivers extensive management and administration tools that make it a breeze for commuters to find and use vanpools in your enterprise’s network.

You can use the RideAmigos platform to:

  • Connect employees directly to vanpools in your enterprise setting, including departure and return schedules, meeting points, and other specifics
  • Promote your vanpool program to connected users to raise awareness about the service
  • Track statistics related to service usage
  • Integrate vanpools into your company’s smart commuting incentive programs

RideAmigos makes managing vanpool and ridesharing programs easy, and can make a huge impact on your organization’s bottom line.

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