• RideAmigos Commuter & Transportation Demand Management Platform

The RideAmigos Platform

Reduce traffic. Decrease stress. Increase commuter happiness.

The RideAmigos transportation demand management software platform leverages 60+ years of combined experience to deliver a commuter management system that provides unified solutions for transportation professionals across the globe.

Hundreds of organizations, including individual employers, universities, municipal and regional government groups, leverage the power of RideAmigos to reduce traffic congestion and parking stress, increase the use of smart transportation options, and improve environmental quality.

Platform Features

Don’t let your commuters miss out on any commute options again. Help them use all available modes of transportation, including ridesharing, vanpooling, transit, bus, biking, and walking.

Provide users with the most important information all in one place, including trip logging, personal statistics, virtual badges, leaderboards, challenges, and more.

Users can make use of our advanced rideshare matching algorithms to connect with other carpool drivers or passengers quickly and easily.

Empower and excite your commuters by creating fun challenges and rewarding incentive programs based on any criteria.

Using an integrated smartphone app, the RideAmigos platform allows users to easily log their trips. Our automatic commute logging feature keeps track of different transportation modes and provides the kind of verifiable data that’s most useful for administrators.

Gain instant and unlimited access to all your data, such as system registration, trip logs, carpool usage, or surveys. Graphs, GIS cluster mapping, and export options make it easy to put platform data to work.

Collect any needed user data at any time with custom survey creation and management tools, including standardized/compliance (e.g. Air Quality Management District) surveys and AQMD certified reporting.

Give event attendees the power of choice using our trip planning and ridesharing options tailored specifically for the needs of special event organizers and producers.

Eliminate language barriers by letting users toggle between languages directly within the platform interface. Supports 100+ languages upon administrator request.

Manage our platform with unlimited networks and sub-networks, including program, organizational, or office park networks. Flexible options include assigning administrators, privacy settings, and domain-level membership.

Custom-designed landing pages, unique branding, changes to dashboard layouts, and data stream integration are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the options available to RideAmigos customers.

Provide a safe and efficient alternative to buses by empowering parents to build and manage their own transportation networks with nearby households.