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The RideAmigos platform is the result of our 60-plus years of combined transportation demand management experience.

Save money, increase happiness, and improve the environment by incentivizing smarter mobility choices.

Powered by intelligently-designed proprietary technology, our software delivers comprehensive solutions to organizations looking to overhaul their transportation and commuting strategies.

We put the power to transform urban transportation in your hands, helping travelers make complete origin-to-destination commute and trip plans that are smart, healthy, and efficient.

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Provide efficient substitutes for single-vehicle travel

Create customized, multimodal trip plans

Promote environmentally friendly alternatives like ridesharing, vanpooling, walking and cycling

Increase use of public transit

Reduce traffic congestion and parking demand

Support improved air quality

Are you seeking solutions to your organization’s specific transportation and commuting needs?

If you’re trying to solve a particular transportation or commuting issue that’s specific to your organization, our team is excited to hear from you to give you a personalized consultation along with a demonstration of the flexible capabilities of our platform, including:

  • Localized, multimodal trip planners. Help commuters connect with a complete range of convenient options in your local area, including choices they may not even otherwise know about.
  • Interactive commuter dashboards. Users can deploy these tools to connect with comprehensive stats and information, trip logs, management features, and more.
  • Gamification, challenges, incentives and campaigns. One of the most compelling ways to encourage commuters and urban travelers to use alternative transportation methods is to gamify or incentivize your campaign. We deliver lots of creative, fun ideas that make it easy to get the members of your organization on board.
  • Schoolpool management and administration. School communities throughout the world are using mobile technology to transform transportation, cut costs, and improve safety. Learn how!
  • Survey management and distribution. Our administrative features function best when guided by user input. Deploy our survey management and distribution tools to collect data, send custom questionnaires to your user base, and more.
  • Event travel planning and ridesharing. Make it even easier for users and community members to take advantage of ridesharing and event travel alternatives by embedding our platform’s planning tool on one or more of your websites.
  • GIS cluster map and analysis tools. Administrators need access to analytics and detailed information to make informed decisions. Our platform makes it easy to collect, view, sort, and manage data.

The RideAmigos platform also supports unlimited network creation and reporting capabilities, multi-language localization, and much more.

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