Commuter Management Platform

Offering telework commuter services is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve organizational resilience.

Providing telework options as a commuter service is a strategy that benefits businesses and employees alike. On the business end, telework delivers three major bonuses.

First, it can generate major savings on parking costs. Offering or requiring employees to work from home instead of coming to the office just one day per week has the potential to cut parking demand by an immediate 20 percent. Since parking is often a major cost burden to businesses, this approach can deliver much-needed relief.

Telework also helps businesses keep other overhead costs under control. When employees work from home, businesses save on office space, energy consumption and other day-to-day costs that are part and parcel of running a company.

Finally, telework commuter strategies provide a big boost to organizational resilience. Transit shutdowns, traffic congestion and bad weather don’t affect people who work from home. Thus, businesses can stay productive even in the face of problems that would otherwise cause major headaches.

Telework commuter options can also help improve employee retention and recruitment efforts.

A growing number of employees place a high value on telework commuter options. Working from home offers valuable flexibility, helping team members achieve a better work-life balance. That, in turn, leads to higher morale and improved rates of employee satisfaction, both of which are vital to employee retention.

Similarly, telework flexibility can help businesses attract better candidates during the job recruitment process. Human resource professionals note that financial compensation is far from the only thing a candidate considers when evaluating a job offer. Job seekers also value flexibility and forward thinking, and in cases where candidates are fielding multiple offers and salary, working hours and advancement potential are consistent across the board, commuter benefits like the ability to telework can tip the scales in your favor.

RideAmigos supports telework commuter services by providing businesses and organizations with the technological tools to incentivize and track participation. This, in turn, generates valuable insights and data with regard to CO2 and cost savings, helping you precisely quantify your program’s positive impacts.

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