Smart Mobility for Education Communities

Make commuting to campus smarter, faster, more convenient and easier on the environment.

Universities, colleges, and K-12 schools of all sizes help their community members choose smarter transportation modes by using RideAmigos.

Our industry-leading tools and programs provide the resources and motivation to skip the solo drive and use more efficient, sustainable modes instead.

Find out how RideAmigos can help your school save money, reduce emissions, and provide mobility options more effectively.

Campus Mobility Solutions

Providing user-friendly, low-cost transportation options to students can be a challenge for colleges and universities, particularly those in larger urban centers.

Making sure students have access to affordable and reliable travel to and from campus is an essential part of building a thriving school community, along with balancing the challenges of traffic and parking congestion.

That’s where the groundbreaking RideAmigos platform can help.

University Transportation

How It Works

The web-based RideAmigos commuter platform gives users instant access to complete trip-planning resources, consolidated in a single easy-to-use software platform. Students, faculty, and staff can create custom journey plans using multiple transportation options, including:

Walking and Biking

Turn-by-turn, step-by-step directions make it easy for students to find the fastest and safest walking and biking routes to and from campus.

Public Transportation

Connect in real time to municipal and regional transit networks, including trip planners, schedules and up-to-the-minute service information.


Avoid congested commuter corridors, find the most convenient parking options and reduce idle time and emissions.

Students can instantly compare times and costs while factoring in the health perks and environmental impacts of each available option.

Educational institutions benefit from comprehensive user management and reporting tools that help budget managers and decision-makers implement the solutions that best meet the needs of their campus communities.

The inclusive nature of our platform also ensures that staff and students with special needs also have complete access to a full range of university transportation options.


All In One Page

Want to compare different transportation methods in one place? RideAmigos can help users easily identify all  transportation options on campus, in one place.

Fun Incentives

Admins can create challenges between networks and give away prizes to top performers. Admins can also reward users for a set goal of green trips.

Campus Events

Hosting a university or student organization event on campus? Create events using RideAmigos for others to quickly search for alternative transportation.

1-Click Search

Type your addresses and hit search without logging in. No more additional clicks to scare you away. You only login when it’s time to sign up for your carpool.

University Transportation

On the administration end, colleges and universities can leverage RideAmigos reporting tools to generate key insights into the behaviors and tendencies of end users. This, in turn, enables educational institutions to implement the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to bridge any existing gaps in their transportation plans.

We’ve already helped dozens of municipalities, corporations, and educational institutions enact major improvements in the ways people move. Commuting is changing in the 21st century, and we’re helping lead the charge to more sustainable, more efficient, and less costly solutions, all while reducing your institution’s carbon footprint.

K-12 Schoolpool Solutions

Big yellow buses have long been the hallmark of school transportation, but in an age of soaring costs and shrinking budgets, school administrators have to be creative in their search for savings.

At RideAmigos, we’ve responded by developing a set of innovative tools that K-12 schools can use to meet the transportation needs of students while keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

The concept of the schoolpool is at the center of our solutions.

School Transportation - Busses

Schoolpools are carpools parents use to help get their students to and from school as efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to safely connect students who need rides with parents who offer them, and our program has already proven to be a great success.

Adopted by the Denver Regional Council of Governments, our schoolpool tools helped consolidate the transportation needs of students at a growing list of charter schools in the area. Within a year, we matched 16,000 families with children at more than 125 schools with personalized matches to schoolpool ride-sharing programs. Our easy-to-use technological tools also helped more than 6,000 new schoolpools form, with an average size of 2.6 families operating 4.4 days per week and covering an average one-way travel distance of 7.8 miles.

RideAmigos school transportation software helps K-12 schools save money, improve safety and foster a stronger sense of community.

Schools that adopt schoolpool ride-sharing programs help save much-needed money, funding programs and providing essentials that lead to a better education. That’s the biggest and most obvious benefit of our platform, but we also improve safety and help schools build stronger senses of community.

Schoolpools help parents connect and build friendships with one another, all while giving students a great platform for socializing outside the classroom. They also offer students a safe alternative to walking long distances to and from schools, easing worries for working parents who aren’t able to pick their children up in person every day.

schoolpool transportation planning

Your school community will also benefit from:
· Reduced traffic congestion in pick-up and drop-off areas
· A reduction in pedestrian hazards around the school area
· More efficient allocation of parking resources
· Scheduling advantages and time savings
· Transportation programs that incorporate walking or biking can also help students improve academic performance

Community Support

Our quick setup guide and unparalleled customer service allows for a simple transition to our platform.

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