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Transportation demand management solutions that enable smarter commuter behavior for government, enterprise, & universities

Our platform is the premier web-based commuter management solution, providing an industry-leading interactive platform for regional, corporate, and campus commuter networks, with multi-modal travel dashboards,incentive and reward systems, intelligent ridematching, automated trip tracking, certified transportation and air quality surveys, GIS reporting tools, and more.  RideAmigos brings together your transportation resources, data, and programs all in one place, creating measurable impact, and increasing efficiency month over month. 

Our vision is to make managing commuter transportation as easy as possible.

Our mission is for every employee to enjoy a better commute, to have a better day, and create a better world. It all starts with empowering commuters to skip the solo drive!

What Others Say About Us

“The RideAmigos team is great to work with. They enthusiastically meet every challenge and respond quickly to all questions and concerns.”

City of Santa Monica, CA

“Saved us as much as a hundred labor hours over previous systems we have used”

Redmond Transportation Management Association, WA

“RideAmigos has created more impact in our city than we ever thought was possible by leveraging best practices and collective industry knowledge.”

City of Pasadena, CA

“RideAmigos is not only well versed in the technical aspects of online data management of commute behavior and programs, but their customer service is outstanding.”

Santa Monica College, CA

RideAmigos Core Values

Provide Unmatchable Customer Service

Embrace and Drive Change

Encourage Individual Contributions and Expressions

Love What You Do

Raise Others to Their Highest Potential

Do More With Less

Build Open and Honest Relationships through Compassion, Humility, a Positive Team and Family Spirit

RideAmigos’ Customer Service Philosophy and Process

RideAmigos’ founders Jeffrey Chernick and Evan Meyer have been best friends since 3rd grade. They know what it means to be family. Those values are carried throughout the RideAmigos tribe, and emanate into every relationship RideAmigos forges. RideAmigos therefore predicates its success on the happiness of its customers and end-users. We are all human, and with that connectivity comes a responsibility to one another to be fair, forthright, and truehearted. RideAmigos as a company upholds its mission to reduce traffic by working ethically, quickly, and with confidence. Our tools are infused with this intention.

RideAmigos sees our clients as partners. We work together, as a team, to get the job done right. The only way to do this is through outstanding customer service. Each end-user of our platform is as important as the client itself. With response rates to customer inquiries of less that 24 hours per instance, the RideAmigos team has upheld a 100% client retention rate. User inquiries are sent directly to Level 1 support staff. If solutions cannot immediately be offered, then the issue is escalated to Level 2 Support, which means senior management gets involved. However, every support request passes through senior management to make sure it does not need immediate escalation.

During this time, updates are relayed to the inquirer in an appropriate and timely manner until the problem is solved. Whether it be the client itself or an end-user, without exception our customer service inquiries are handled with care and respect as efficiently as possible. RideAmigos uses proprietary automated/programmatic monitoring processes to ensure that even rare, unforeseen issues can be rectified, almost always before they are discovered externally. Too often we have heard about other technology vendors going missing in action, or breaking promises because of too great a workload. We assure our clients transparency, honesty, and hard work. For that reason, we believe that customer service is our flagship asset.

Used by thousands of businesses and organizations including municipalities and transit authorities, enterprises and corporations, universities and K-12 schools, nonprofit groups, and transportation management associations. Check out our portfolio to see who in our area or industry is already using RideAmigos and how our platform can serve you.

“The first time I saw their product, I knew they had just made obsolete everything else I had ever seen or used. I knew then where the future was.”
– Linda Ballew, Executive Director Greater Redmond TMA