RideAmigos provides next-generation corporate commuting solutions that help your organization trim costs while reducing its carbon footprint.

Commuters are busy people, so it’s no surprise that they have historically tended to favor the convenience of single-occupancy vehicles. Getting from A to B as quickly and easily as possible has always been their top priority, and while efficiency remains Goal Number One, attitudes are starting to change.

Today, people are concerned about the environmental impact of their transportation choices. The good news is that a growing number of North American municipalities are stepping up to provide alternatives to help reduce pressing problems like pollution and traffic congestion.

As a result, the face of corporate commuting is starting to change. Mass transit and ridesharing are trendy. Walking or cycling to work have emerged as viable alternatives. In light of these changes, businesses are starting to follow suit – they’re finding It’s cheaper and more environmentally responsible to encourage change.

Look at the bottom line. It costs less to support alternative corporate commuting methods than it does to reimburse workers for fuel and mileage, or give employees access to company-owned vehicles. Studies have also shown that enterprises with progressive values and a strong sense of social responsibility tend to attract and retain higher-quality talent, especially when it comes to the current generation of younger workers.

If you’re looking to implement a forward-looking approach to corporate commuting, the RideAmigos team can help. We empower organizations to implement smarter, more cost-efficient and ecologically responsible corporate commuting initiatives through a complete suite of next-generation technological tools that deliver proven benefits.


corporate commuting

Our suite of corporate commuting tools includes trip planners and interactive dashboards that help team members make informed decisions about their commuting options.

When it comes to navigating today’s congested corporate commuting corridors, information is power. Our primary corporate commuting tools include multi-modal route planners and trip logging apps that give employees the ability to generate the kind of advanced insights that take the sting out of the daily grind. We also provide a wide range of supplementary, technology-driven tools that help sustain smarter commuting, including:

  •         Ride sharing and event planning applications
  •         Transportation surveys
  •         Trip logging calendars and mobile apps
  •         Mapping, route planning and traffic analysis tools
  •         Comprehensive reporting platforms

Together, these tools help commuters save countless hours while making more informed and more sustainable decisions about their daily travel needs. Our platforms can easily be customized to meet the unique financial, sustainability and collaboration objectives of your enterprise, providing powerful solutions with global reach. To learn more, we invite you to contact the RideAmigos team for further information and insights.