Smart City Challenge / Mobility on Demand Workshop

RideAmigos to lead workshop at the upcoming Transportation Research Board’s 96th Annual Meeting

Interested in learning more about the roles public transit, shared mobility, and advanced technology play in recent transportation-related competitions? 

Want to be part of the industry-wide conversation about how to advance multimodal mobility? 

Going to the 96th Annual TRB Meeting in Washington DC Jan. 8 – 12?

If so, plan to join RideAmigos CEO Jeffrey Chernick and Director of Engagement Prachi Vakharia along with Susan Shaheen from the University of California, Berkeley, Transportation Sustainability Research Cent as they co-host a one-day workshop featuring thought leaders and finalists from the 2016 U.S. DOT’s Smart City Challenge and FTA’s “Mobility on Demand” (MOD) Sandbox.

This session will feature the U.S. DOT Smart City Challenge winner: Columbus, Ohio, and highlights pilot projects from the FTA MOD Sandbox, along with selected public-private partnerships and research initiatives on the future of mobility. Government, industry, and academic thought leaders will present and participate in panel discussions with the audience about the pilot projects and next steps, emphasizing the future of multimodal mobility. In the second half of the workshop, attendees will participate in interactive breakout sessions and report back on next steps for advancing research understanding and documenting best practices in public transport innovation.

Visit the workshop website for a detailed schedule and more information.

Top 4 Ways to Engage Commuters for Bike to Work Week

May is National Bike Month, and Bike to Work Week is right around the corner – May 16-20. Getting people excited about this event is a great way to help change how they think about commuting. Here are four creative ways to encourage greater levels of local participation:

Launch a Challenge

Tapping into the spirit of competition is one of the most powerful ways to engage people. Challenges give participants an added incentive to put forth their best effort, and few things are more rewarding than seeing hard work pay off in the standings.

Incentivize Bike to Work Week by making challenge winners eligible to claim prizes. See the clash of wills heat up as the race intensifies, all for a positive cause.

Organize a Bikepool Group

Organize a Bike to Work week cycling group to give those who feel safer riding with others a place to engage. Bikepools are ideal for experienced cyclists who want to share tips with newbies and for first-time or inexperienced riders who want to be part of a team.

Help your existing bike commuters to connect with their neighbors, form a group, and share the bike-to-work love!

Discover New and Interesting Routes

Bicycling is a great way to explore your city from a different perspective. Take a scenic path through a park or along a river. Follow a journey plan through a historic or artistic quarter. Find the best streets for biking.

Encourage Bike to Work Week participants to discover and share unique, little-known and interesting alternate routes to get to and from work.

Suggest Multimodal Options

People who have long commutes often feel like they can’t take part in Bike to Work Week. Suggesting ways to combine biking with other modes of transportation might change their mind.

More and more municipalities are working to make combining cycling with public transit a viable option for commuters. Buses and commuter trains are being outfitted with bike racks. Major stations and transit hubs offer secure, low-cost, or free on-site bicycle storage. Let your longer-distance commuters know about these possibilities so they can bike, too!

Try some of these ideas to engage your commuters during bike to work week and who knows – cycling might even become a habit!

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