5 Reasons Not to Miss This Year’s Academy Meet-Up in Anaheim

ACT RideAmigos Academy Meet-up 2017

The RideAmigos Academy is a tremendous resource for RideAmigos customers, providing opportunities for learning, sharing, and support. Each year at the Association for Commuter Transportation’s International Conference, RideAmigos customers and partners have the special opportunity to meet up in-person for even more value and fun.

Here are 5 reasons that RideAmigos Academy members should make sure to mark your calendars for 6-8pm on Tuesday, July 31st for this year’s meet-up at the ACT conference in Anaheim, California:

1) Connect with RideAmigos Power Users

The unique strength of the RideAmigos Academy is the opportunity to learn from and share with other transportation professionals who use RideAmigos on a daily basis. Our in-person meet-up gives you the chance to connect with the Academy members you’ve heard from during our monthly webinars and to compare notes with other users. Find out how industry leaders are leveraging the many tools within RideAmigos, and which TDM strategies are proving most effective.

2) Learn What’s Coming Next

Academy members are always at the forefront of RideAmigos product updates and announcements. We’ve got some big news coming up around this year’s ACT conference and the Academy meet-up will be a great opportunity to learn how these new additions will help you create and manage impactful commuter programs.

3) Help Shape the Future of RideAmigos

Here at RideAmigos we’re always listening to our customers and watching the evolution of the smart mobility ecosystem to determine how to provide the best products in the business. This year’s Academy event will feature an in-depth exploration and discussion of industry trends, which will ultimately inform future RideAmigos tools and programs.

4) Free Food and Drinks

You’ve got to eat, right? Why not do so for free, and have a drink on us while you’re at it! As a way to show our appreciation for you, our beloved Academy members, your food and drinks are provided. Who says there’s no such thing as a free meal?

5) Stick Around for the Annual Karaoke Party

In case you aren’t aware, the most famous party of the year for the commuter management industry also happens on the last night of the ACT conference. The annual RideAmigos karaoke party is not to be missed, and if you’re at the Academy meet-up you’re already there. Starting at 8pm we’ll transition into party mode, so be ready to belt out some duets with your colleagues and close out the conference right. The karaoke party is free and open to anyone attending the ACT conference.

Click here to register for the Academy Meet-up

Click here to register for the Karaoke Party

If you’re in the market for better tools and resources for running your commuter programs, you won’t find a more active, engaged, and fun user group than the RideAmigos Academy, and membership is included for all RideAmigos platform and network administrators. Want to learn more? Get started with RideAmigos today.

Making an Impact at ACT 2017

The 2017 installment of the ACT International Conference has come and gone, but the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from spending time with friends and colleagues from across the industry is still lingering. Find out how RideAmigos made an impact this year.

RideAmigos at ACT 2017

The 2017 Association for Commuter Transportation International Conference is coming up July 30th!

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of friends and RideAmigos family at this year’s ACT Conference in New Orleans. This conference is always something we look forward to as a great opportunity to connect with current partners, learn about what’s happening around the TDM industry, and have some fun sharing about RideAmigos.

Will you be at ACT 2017? If so, let’s get together!

Booth 23

Stop by our booth in the exhibit area! One of the main reasons we’re excited about this conference is the chance to chat with people in person. If you’re wanting to connect with one of us, booth 23 should be the first place to look.

Mobility Credits for Behavior Change
Tuesday, August 1st, 3:30pm

Jeffrey Chernick, RideAmigos CEO, will present on “Mobility Credits for Behavior Change: An Innovative Pilot to Create a Better Planet” Tuesday afternoon. Come over to the Sheraton Bayside C to learn about Century City TMO’s program to break down barriers to smarter commuting by providing valuable incentives and services like Lyft Line and Scoop. Linda Lyles from Century City and David Weisman from Scoop will also be speaking.

Academy Meet-up and Workshop
Tuesday August 1st, 6pm

Since so many of our partners attend ACT, it’s the perfect opportunity for an in-person Academy even. If you’re a RideAmigos partner or admin, join us for an evening of networking, idea-sharing, and brainstorming as we work together to create a better planet by shifting commuter behavior. The event is free and dinner will be provided.

Register here and be be sure to stick around for the party afterward …

Closing Night Karaoke Party
Tuesday, August 1st, 8pm

Partying with RideAmigos on the last night of the ACT conference has become an annual tradition! Don’t miss out on this chance to unwind with folks from across the industry and around the world. Practice your favorite karaoke tunes and get ready for a good time. The party is free, as is the open bar.

RSVP now for your ticket and tell your friends!

If you want to make sure we connect with you at the conference, send us a message and we’ll set up a time to cross paths!

Bike Month Collaboration in the RideAmigos Academy

Be inspired by bike month collaboration success stories

May is National Bike Month, and RideAmigos is marking the occasion by promoting bike month collaboration efforts with our partner organizations. Together, we have helped create successful and innovative programs that we hope will inspire others to join in the fun.

National Bike Month Case Study: San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County


Our National Bike Month collaboration case study comes from California, where the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments and the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments teamed up to launch an “All Star Challenge” in 2017.

The challenge centers on a friendly competition between neighboring companies and organizations, who are facing off to see which team can log the most bike commutes during National Bike Month. The competition includes:

  • Cal Poly State University vs. UC Santa Barbara
  • MINDBODY vs. Yardi Systems
  • California DOT (District 5) vs. RightScale
  • SRAM vs. Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

Unlike other challenges that simply count trips or miles, this challenge pits teams from organizations of similar sizes head-to-head to see which can motivate the highest percentage of employees to swap their cars for pedal power. (Learn more at the All Star Challenge site.)

Both government councils use the RideAmigos transportation demand management platform to help shift commuter behavior . The platform has proven to be an essential tool during the development and launch of the 2017 All Stars Challenge. Its comprehensive suite of trip logging, communication, and administration features have made this unique cross-county All Stars Challenge a far easier and more manageable task. Since both municipalities already used RideAmigos, which natively supports such “normalized” percentage-based challenges, setting up and running the challenge was as easy as deciding the teams, setting up the system, and displaying the results. 

The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments has been an early adopter of the RideAmigos Academy Coffee Talk X initiative, which grew out of the popular Coffee Talk webinar series. In the ramp-up to the challenge, SLOCOG and SBCAG joined forces for several Coffee Talk X events to prepare their teams. Coffee Talk X enables RideAmigos partner organizations to draw ideas and foster direct connections with the employers and commuters they represent, helping them build sustainable commuting strategies that generate higher levels of participation. 

Beyond free participation in Coffee Talks, all RideAmigos platform administrators enjoy full access to the RideAmigos Academy. The Academy takes a community-focused approach to providing help, insights, ideas, and collaboration opportunities to those who want to play a leading role in the move toward sustainable commuting.

The RideAmigos team is all about collaboration, and we recognize that people have the power to create incredibly positive changes when they work together. To that end, we’d like to invite you to join our thriving and growing community of collaborators. Check out the numerous ways to get started with RideAmigos.

RideAmigos at ACT 2016

ACT International Conference 2016Come visit us at the ACT International Conference 2016

Between July 30th and August 3rd RideAmigos will be in Portland, OR as a sponsor and exhibitor at the annual Association for Commuter Transportation International Conference. If you’re coming, here’s where to find us. Be sure to stay a little late for our special events Tuesday night!

Booth #2 in the Exhibit Hall

Drop by all conference long to learn more about RideAmigos.

Session: Smarter TDM – Ideas from the Smart City Challenge

Tuesday, 8/2, 10:15am – 11:45am, Broadway III & IV

Hear Jeffrey Chernick, RideAmigos CEO, as part of a panel discussion with other representatives from cities that were finalists in the USDOT Smart City Challenge. Together they will discuss how their proposals for Smarter TDM fit within the larger context of the Smart City of the future.

Special Event: RideAmigos Academy Playground

Tuesday, 8/2, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

This Academy-exclusive meet-up and workshop event is great opportunity to socialize and strategize with other RideAmigos users and administrators (registration required.)

Location: Trio Club, 909 E Burnside St,Portland, Oregon 97214
VIP area of the Black Room

Closing Night Karaoke Party!

Tuesday, 8/2, 8:00pm – Midnight

Don’t leave early! Mark your calendars for this awesome after party, co-sponsored by our friends at Esri.

On the final night of the conference, unwind with new and old amigos alike with our open bar, singing, dancing, and fun. Rumor has it that RideAmigos COO Evan Meyer has prepared a special rendition of one of his favorites songs, along with some transportation jokes of questionable quality. 🙂

Location: Trio Club, 909 E Burnside St,Portland, Oregon 97214
White Room

Want to make sure we cross paths at ACT 2016?
Drop us a line and let us know!

Introducing Recipes for Success

As part of our never-ending quest to provide the best customer service and support in the industry, we’re excited to announce the latest feature of the RideAmigos Academy: Recipes!

Our customers have been asking for easy-to-follow recipes for success for implementing new transportation demand management (TDM) projects and programs. We’re happy to oblige. Visit the TDM recipes page at the Academy for a taste of the kind of support we offer our clients.

We’re launching with a few examples of how to create and run successful TDM programs to help transform the way people commute:

  • Financial Incentives for Smarter Commuting
  • How to Set Up a Carpool Month Initiative
  • Preferential Parking for Carpools and Vanpools

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding many more examples of proven techniques for impacting transportation usage.

Recipes are an excellent example of how RideAmigos encourages our customers to contribute, collaborate, and create community. We know we’re not the only experts in the room – the organizations that use our TDM software platform  have extensive experience and we’re eager to provide venues to work together toward our shared goal of transforming transportation. RideAmigos users aren’t competitors, but colleagues in creating meaningful and impactful change.

If your organization is considering starting a transportation management program to improve the commuting experience of your employees; reduce traffic, parking, and environmental impact; or stand out from the crowd with cutting-edge benefits, RideAmigos provides the most comprehensive toolkit and all the support you need to succeed.

We’ll occasionally feature some of our recipes here on our blog, so stay tuned. Or, if you’re already a RideAmigos customer, be sure you’re signed up for our Academy newsletter where you’ll receive all the latest updates about new features, seminars, recipes, and more.