Getting Real About Modeshift

A guide to opportunities in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to achieve lasting impact on traffic and air quality.


The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), more commonly referred to as the ‘Infrastructure Bill,’ includes a generational opportunity for state and municipal governments to implement proven congestion management strategies and expand access to mobility options.

In addition to $11.4 billion in formula funding that goes to states and transit agencies, IIJA provides an 800% increase in competitive grant funding– creating over $30 billion in opportunities for municipal governments to fund projects and programs that expand options, reduce traffic, address equity in transportation, and improve use of data to inform planning. 

We researched the wide range of opportunities in the IIJA to fund new modeshift initiatives, expand existing programs, or enhance proposed infrastructure projects.

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What Qualifies?

  • Incentives

    A variety of federal funds can be used to cover technology and incentive budgets for programs that will drive mode-shift.

  • Personalized Support

    Old-fashioned one-on-one commute planning is effective, and now RideAmigos AI and mobile apps can automate it at scale for everyone in your region.

  • Employer Enablement

    Engage and empower organizations to support employee commutes to meet congestion and air quality targets and bring people back to the office.

  • Commute Optimization

    Take single-occupancy vehicles off the road by increasing occupancy, supporting transit ridership, and encouraging active transportation.

  • Corridor TDM

    Need to reduce throughput in work zones? Is event management a concern? Partner with RideAmigos to develop a program that reduces single-occupancy vehicle demand on critical corridors.

RideAmigos is partnering with public sector planning and transportation leaders to power advanced TDM initiatives in 26 states, and thousands of employers use our solutions to manage employee transportation and trip reduction programs. We also support and participate in publicly funded research around the world to advance the science of commuter behavior, and develop technology solutions to optimize and scale proven strategies. 

If your agency is looking for smarter TDM solutions, new ways to support businesses and drive economic development, or if you need to level up your traditional regional ride matching and transportation options and incentive program, start talking with our experts now.

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