Using Surveys for Carpool Permit Management, Event Registration & Ride Matching, Surveying, and Data Collection


Derek Davies is the Program Coordinator for Smart Commute, an online tool of Metrolinx that helps commuters and employers explore their best transportation options. He shares the innovations that he has discovered using the RideAmigos transportation survey tool. “Survey functionality is really good when it comes to integrating the things that aren’t offered by other platforms individually.”


Smart Commute Program Innovations

  1. RideAmigos Survey functionality
  2. Program Marketing/ communications
    • marketing materials/ promo
    • tutorial videos
    • workplace champion guides
  3. Standardized excel templates
    • carpool permit management
    • telework program statistics
    • modal split statistics


  1. collect data, survey, report, track programs
  2. send out blasts of micro-surveys
  3. event outreach and registration


Examples of Transportation Survey Tools

  1. Microsurvey: request information regarding workplace and primary/secondary modes of transportation to accurately pair up carpoolers.
  2. Registration: send out an invitation for employees to register for carpool parking passes. Set registration requirements i.e. being a company employee, having carpooled in the past, and establishing one existing member of your carpool. Then give the option to join that network.
  3. Carpool MixnMingle: create carpooling events to help connect carpoolers!
  4. Event Registration: Spread the word about an event and get the waiver requirements fulfilled and signed.


Program Management

Derek utilizes excel to collect data on Emissions Saved, Dollars Saved, Parking Spaces Eliminated, Cost of Eliminated Parking, Trips Saved, etc. He then uses this information to manage his carpool and telework programs. Derek describes the process as simple, “All you have to do is download excel spreadsheets from RideAmigos…and it gives you data based off of the equations that you use.”

For teleworking you can find how many trips the user has, as well as the frequency of their telework program; then through this data, you can then attach a Productive Price and Real Estate Price.

Smart Commute and Derek have employed the unique features offered by RideAmigos to survey and collect data, giving them the ability to tailor the program to their needs. Using our advanced TDM platform, they can integrate information by embedding iFrames and using HTML codes like challenges, registration, logging, and network joins.

Check out our demo video to see more.

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