Unlocking the Treasure Chest of Real Time Parking Space Availability Data


John Couvrette is the regional vice president of T2 Systems, a parking management platform that provides solutions through parking occupancy and data collection technology. He has played an instrumental role in developing the real-time occupancy platform design, which has evolved into a useful tool for solving contemporary transportation challenges using real time parking space availability data.


The most popular statistics in parking:

  • 30% of urban traffic are drivers looking for a place to park.
  • The reality is that there are plenty of parking spaces available – drivers just don’t know where they are.


“I avoid going to downtown areas because of parking hassles, but if I can have a predictable experience when I get down there, then it certainly opens the door for people like me to get downtown and enjoy the city,” John recounts as being a situation that all commuters can relate to. In order to address this parking challenge, he introduces the idea of a more predictable parking experience.


How to create a more predictable parking experience:

John proposes the utilization of vehicle counting technology. This would allow universities, municipalities, private operators, and transit systems to “be better able to manage the parking inventory…to manage enforcement…and to determine the notion of the optimal transient parking rates using data…”


How real time parking space availability data will solve transportation challenges:

  • Using parking behavior analytics to build best practices.
  • Using data analysis to determine transient parking rates.
  • Improving parking experience for consumers.
  • Delivering increased customer service.
  • Reducing traffic congestion.


“It’s interesting [how] when you introduced me you said ‘We’ve got John here who’s going to talk about parking, and parking is pretty cool’… as odd as that might sound, parking is pretty cool and when you can start taking this type of data and using it in an intelligent manner to help drive a sustainable story, a good customer satisfaction story, and better operations, it actually is cool to be on the parking side.”


As trip-planning technology and parking space availability continue to integrate, cooperation between the RideAmigos trip-planning platform and parking space availability data could successfully pave the way for less congestion, less pollution, and a happier commute.


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