Reflecting on CommuteCon 2019

As we looked forward to CommuteCon 2019, we were excited by the growth and evolution taking place in the mobility ecosystem. We’ve been inspired by developments in dockless solutions, fresh takes on parking requirements, investments in transit and mobility on demand, data and technology partnerships, and the successful launch of so many great programs.

A survey of developments in transportation

CommuteCon 2019 was an opportunity for us to pause and hear from people working on the front lines of this evolution. Presenters from local government, business, transportation technology, sustainability, and research joined us from diverse regions and around the world to share their insights and experience.

The incredible dynamism of the transportation space at this time was illustrated by the story of our keynote presenter, Ryan Rzepecki, founder of JUMP. Ryan has witnessed and driven a major shift in the way people move around urban environments from the advent of the early dockless bikeshare to the ubiquity of bikes and scooters on corners and at transit stops in some cities today.

Paul Hendricks, Environmental Responsibility Manager at Patagonia, inspired us with his discussion of the company’s mission and how employees’ commitment to sustainability permeates even the way they get to work. The session led by Tamar Fuhrer, Associate Director, Transportation and Commuter Services at Kite Pharma in Santa Monica also focused on employee commutes. Tamar discussed how the value Kite Pharma places on its incredible talent is reflected in their commuter programs.

But the private sector wasn’t the only source of innovation. Phillip Kobernick of Alameda County announced a new parking program for county employees that will leverage the principles of behavioral science to shift drive-alone habits by offering them a choice.

For those thinking mode-shift is only achievable in cities with robust transit and short distances – not so fast. Katherine Auge, Program Coordinator at Missoula in Motion, shared insights and strategies from a successful program to promote ridesharing and other sustainable modes in the not-as-dense region in Montana. We think her enthusiasm and the results she shared will inspire you.

Speakers Shawn Chavira of USC and David Sorrell of UC Berkeley talked about cultivating an efficient and smart campus mobility ecosystem and inspiring students – the next generation of commuters – to adopt sustainable habits.

We also heard from leading researchers and practitioners like Jana Sochor, Adam Cohen, Gary Hsueh, and our own Corey Tucker about innovations and developments in the space that will drive all of our work in the next decade.

Purpose-driven work

Like the stellar lineup of presenters, CommuteCon attendees are motivated in their work by goals that will impact our planet and the people living here. Even before warnings about the impacts of climate change issued in the U.S. National Climate Assessment in November 2018, this community has been working hard to develop and encourage sustainable alternatives to drive alone habits that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

But together we are also working toward goals of improving access and equity, optimizing use of space, driving economic growth and making our cities work for everyone.

If you missed some of the sessions, don’t worry. Videos will be available soon. Be sure to visit to sign up for the CommuteCon mailing list so you can be among the first to know when we post new videos and slides. You can also check out videos and slides from previous conferences including 2018 here.

As always, CommuteCon is made possible by the support of Sponsors like Scoop, TransitScreen, and Waze Carpool, as well as  the Association for Commuter Transportation and the Coalition for Smarter Transportation.

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