Making an Impact at ACT 2017

The 2017 installment of the Association for Commuter Transportation International Conference has come and gone, but the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from spending time with friends and colleagues from across the industry is still lingering.

As usual, RideAmigos was making an impact everywhere you turned:

Discussing purpose and deeper meaning about why we do what we do. Booth visitors were invited to join us in creating art that contains the words that reflect our motivations, including My Intent bracelets and a massive word-art canvas.

Presenting insights into how creative TDM collaboration can help shift commuter behavior. Our team joined forces with our friends at Century City and Scoop to show how working together we can create stronger incentives to motivate change and better data to influence future programs.

Working with partners from the RideAmigos Academy to create community and share success. Our in-person ACT workshop gave RideAmigos users from across the country the chance to meet face-to-face, trade great ideas, and help shape the development of new features for our software platform.

Making connections and fostering camaraderie with our 5th-annual closing night karaoke party. We love our entire ACT family, and what better way to share that love than an opportunity to relax, unwind, and have some fun. This year’s party was bigger and better than ever!

Celebrating our award-winning partners. We truly consider our RideAmigos customers to be partners in the movement to transform transportation. Each year the Association for Commuter Transportation gives awards for excellence in a variety of areas, and we’re extremely proud of our partners who were recognized this year:

  • American University: Marketing & Outreach – Partnership
  • Compass at Playa Vista: Marketing & Outreach – TMA
  • SANDAG iCommute: Commuter Options – Transit
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments: Commuter Options – Carpooling
  • Tien-Tien Chan (City of Austin): President’s Award – Emerging Leader(Full list of 2017 ACT Award Winners)

It’s tempting to think that the transportation demand management industry is full of stuffy bean-counters and bureaucrats who only care about balance sheets and infrastructure costs. But that’s simply not true. We’re a passionate tribe of visionaries and change-makers who know our work can help make the world a better place for millions upon millions of people.

Here at RideAmigos, we embody the best of what this industry is all about – shifting commuter behavior to create a better planet. Our company’s core values keep us focused on why we do what we do and remind us of the positive impact we make when our product is put to use by our amazing partners around the world.