It’s Not Just Software That Makes the Difference – It’s the Process


The Process

“It’s not just software that makes the difference – it’s the process too.” It takes a long time for organizations to leverage the greatest of technologies because it’s difficult to adapt, and there’s is a big opportunity cost attached to this process.


So what can you do to smooth things along, streamline this process, and sometimes get rid of those barriers that can make it hard to achieve our goals?


Public vs. Private

There is a vast difference between how fast things move in the public and private sectors. RideAmigos is interested in how we might close this gap. According to Evan, we need to “realize that if we are going to make change, we need to come together and think outside the box on what we can do to share all of this information, to get best practices, and to disseminate it to all the people that are working together.”


The RideAmigos Academy Knowledge Base

The RideAmigos Academy is used to give our clients the information they need – product documentation, release notes, feature seminars, and community forums. Because most of the problems that our clients find are similar, the RideAmigos Academy creates a space to come together as a community to work towards solving them together.


Our focus at RideAmigos is on sharing and streamlining process – not just providing technology.

“What is it that you can do to make things easier for your organization so that you can use technology quicker in a way that’s more adaptable. What is it that you can do to help move things along quicker and create operational efficiency?”



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