Introducing Recipes for Success

As part of our never-ending quest to provide the best customer service and support in the industry, we’re excited to announce the latest feature of the RideAmigos Academy: Recipes!

Our customers have been asking for easy-to-follow recipes for success for implementing new transportation demand management (TDM) projects and programs. We’re happy to oblige. Visit the TDM recipes page at the Academy for a taste of the kind of support we offer our clients.

We’re launching with a few examples of how to create and run successful TDM programs to help transform the way people commute:

  • Financial Incentives for Smarter Commuting
  • How to Set Up a Carpool Month Initiative
  • Preferential Parking for Carpools and Vanpools

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding many more examples of proven techniques for impacting transportation usage.

Recipes are an excellent example of how RideAmigos encourages our customers to contribute, collaborate, and create community. We know we’re not the only experts in the room – the organizations that use our TDM software platform  have extensive experience and we’re eager to provide venues to work together toward our shared goal of transforming transportation. RideAmigos users aren’t competitors, but colleagues in creating meaningful and impactful change.

If your organization is considering starting a transportation management program to improve the commuting experience of your employees; reduce traffic, parking, and environmental impact; or stand out from the crowd with cutting-edge benefits, RideAmigos provides the most comprehensive toolkit and all the support you need to succeed.

We’ll occasionally feature some of our recipes here on our blog, so stay tuned. Or, if you’re already a RideAmigos customer, be sure you’re signed up for our Academy newsletter where you’ll receive all the latest updates about new features, seminars, recipes, and more.

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