Hacking the Corporate Commuting Dilemma

Corporate commuting trends are changing. Will your organization change with them?

Once upon a time, not all that long ago, commuters didn’t think too hard about their daily journeys. Every morning, they’d get in their cars and drive the same route to work. If there happened to be a lot more traffic than usual on the road that day…well, then the drive would take a little longer. If road improvements or construction shut down a lane or two along the most direct route to work…well, they’d manage. That’s just the way things go.

Not anymore.

Times are changing, and corporate commuters are changing with them. Reliance on single-occupancy vehicles is diminishing, and the general public’s awareness of the ecological impact of their transportation decisions is at an all-time high. Given these trends, it’s no surprise that experts are detecting significant changes in the way people get to and from work.

How RideAmigos Supports New and Progressive Corporate Commuting Solutions

The 2013 American Commuter Survey found that Generation X-ers and millennials are commuting by car less and less with each passing year. People in younger demographics are also taking public transit and walking to work with greater frequency than any other age group.

In cities like San Francisco, Boston and New York, the microtransit trend is making major headway. Privately operated mini-buses and ride shares are giving corporate commuters meaningful and convenient alternatives to mass transit and single-occupancy vehicles.

Businesses have a lot to gain by encouraging employees to seek out quicker, greener ways to get to work. Improved productivity is a big and obvious bonus, but there are also hidden benefits. One biggie is the fact that companies with a strong sense of social responsibility also tend to have higher rates of employee satisfaction – and that’s something that pays off in a big way, on and on down the line.

If you’d like to be a part of the corporate commuting revolution, the RideAmigos team can provide all the tools you need. Trip planners, journey loggers, incentive and benefit trackers, analysis tools, ride-sharing platforms – they’re all here. And they’ll all help you build a happier, healthier, more creative and more engaged workforce. Contact us to learn more.

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