Electric Bikes and Cargo Bikes: TDM Policy and Infrastructure Implications


Mark Stosberg, RideAmigos associate and member of the City of Bloomington Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Commission, has owned a cargo bike for eight years, and and electric cargo bike for five. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission is an organization dedicated to creating a safe environment for bikers, runners, and pedestrians.


Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are larger than regular bikes, causing parking inconveniences for those who use them.The solution is simple: to create custom parking spots that are wider and larger in common cargo destinations like schools and stores.


Electric Bikes

Mark recommends reading the League of American Bicyclists’ article “Electric Bicycles: Public Perceptions & Policy.” It can be found here: http://bikeleague.org/sites/default/files/E_bikes_mini_report.pdf


When is an e-bike a bicycle and when is it a motorized vehicle? Where should e-bikes be allowed to ride?

E-bikes appear to be almost a motorcycle, causing many people to consider them to be vehicles. This prevents them from being as convenient as a regular bicycle. Mark suggests that communities should “focus on policies that are more about how fast bikes are going and not try to separate policies for e-bikes rather and regular bikes.”


“A large segment that I see growing is the Electric Cargo Bike. Electric and cargo pair really well together because the boost of electricity allows you to carry more cargo.”



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