Commuter Management Solutions

Commuter Management Solutions
to Fit Your Organization

Help employees commute better. Achieve a happier, healthier
workforce while measurably reducing parking pressures and
environmental impact

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Take control of commuter management…

Take the stress out of surveys

Use RideAmigos advanced tools to manage your
commuter surveys and reporting so you can
focus on making your program a success

Get all of your local transportation options in one place

Gain access to a powerful, customized platform with
live and interactive maps and every mode and
transportation asset in your area – from transit to
bike lanes

Multimodal Trip Planner

Discover meaningful insights

Explore reporting that will help you meet your
requirements, make informed decisions, and
understand your commuters

Give your commuters the tools to plan and track better commutes

A customized portal and mobile app let commuters
instantly discover better options for getting to and
from work – including carpools – and track alternative
commutes automatically without forms or hassle

Commute Alternatives
Challenge Stats

Seamlessly manage incentives with gamification and HR integration

Connect and engage your commuters with rewards
and incentives in RideAmigos secure ridesharing
networks and challenges

Join the world’s largest user community of commuter management professionals

Get access to hundreds of hours of training videos,
live and recorded webinars, help documentation,
and interactive events through the RideAmigos Academy

RideAmigos Academy

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